M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)

Course Details

  • Program:  M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)
  • Program Code: MPH
  • Level: Post Graduation
  • Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)
  • Fees: 80000

Programme Educational Objectives:

  1. M. Pharm or Master of Pharmacy is a postgraduate Academic Degree which is granted for a course or program in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology.  M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics” focused on research and coursework relating to the development, production and characterization of dosage forms, as well as the disposition and action of drugs in the body.
  2. Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with all facets of the process of turning a new chemical entity (NCE) into a medication able to be safely and effectively used by patients in the community.
  3. Pharmaceutics deals with the formulation of a pure drug substance into a dosage form. Branches of pharmaceutics include: Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmaco-epidemiology, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmaceutical formulation etc.
  4. The department works towards promoting a multidisciplinary, team-based approach to drug delivery, embracing a variety of activities in the broad area of drug formulation and delivery. 
  5. Major areas of emphasis include physical and applied pharmaceutics, drug disposition and dynamics, and drug delivery.
  6. The department works towards research in the following areas: Formulation optimization &characterization of solid, liquid and semi-solid dosage forms.
  7. It also deals with Novel Drug Delivery Systems including Buccal, Osmotic, Gastro Retentive, Vaginal, Colon Targeted, Microsphere, Immediate Release Formulations, Nanotechnology, Medicated Chewing Gum, Multi-Unit Pellet Systems, Ocular Delivery, Novel formulations for surgical site, Transdermal Delivery etc.

Program Outcomes (PO’s):

  1.  Detail understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge of all core and allied subjects of pharmaceutical sciences, which consist of dosage form design, routes of administration of various drugs, their mechanism of action, chemical moiety involved, doses of drugs, patient treatment, patient counseling, drug dispensing, hospital administration, drug manufacturing, QA/QC and regulation etc.
  2. Highlight the concepts and operative components of pharmacovigilance, clinical pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, pharmaceutical care, pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomics, clinical research, clinical pharmacokinetics and other related areas for the benefit of academicians, hospital/community pharmacists and industry, emphasizing the consequences of the use of medications.
  3. Rigorous core course-work in biopharmaceutics, drug transport, pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics, drug delivery systems, cell and molecular biology, synthetic and macromolecular chemistry, chemical and biomedical engineering, materials science, physiology and pharmacology.
  4.  Emphasis on Drug Discovery and Design, Drug Delivery, Drug Action and Clinical Sciences, Drug Analysis, Cost Effectiveness of Medicines (Pharmacoeconomics), Drug Regulatory Affairs etc.

Fee Structure

M.Pharma. – Pharmacology
Tuition FeeUniversity Examination Fee
Rs. 80,000/- (Per Year) Rs. 1,000/- (Per Semester)
Admission Registration Fee (One Time)Rs. 1,000/-
Clinical Posting/Field Work/Industrial TrainingAdditional if Required
Degree/Migration/Character/Convocation Charges/Alumni ChargesAdditional*
* Shall be charged along with the final Semester/Year fee

Fee Structure

B.Pharma. (Lateral Entry)
Tuition Fee University Examination Fee
Rs. 90,000/- (Per Year)  Rs. 1,000/- (Per Semester)
Admission Registration Fee (One Time) Rs. 1,000/-
Clinical Posting/Field Work/Industrial Training Additional if Required
Degree/Migration/Character/Convocation Charges/Alumni Charges Additional*
* Shall be charged along with the final Semester/Year fee