Campus Overview

The Campus – An Environment for Holistic Learning

The amazing transformation of a child blossoming into youth, from school to college, Glocal believes in nurturing a holistic education, which is about honing every facet of a student, helping an individual develop life-skills, a spirit of enquiry to explore the unknown, attitude of life-long learning, so that she acquires knowledge and not just information. Beyond learning in the classroom and laboratories, Glocal has developed a mechanism to introduce each student to a wide range of co-curricular activities. We strive to take care of the oft-quoted gap by industry about students who are fresh from college: ‘that they are unemployable!’ The reason for this is simple: students are not ‘industry-ready’, because they lack two essential attributes: personality and soft skills.

The curriculum of Glocal has been designed in such a way that students get to develop these two qualities and more, by encouraging team work, inter-personal relationships and a kind of camaraderie—cutting across their study subjects, ethnic, regional and economic backgrounds. We celebrate diversity by encouraging students of diverse backgrounds to mingle with each other in hostels, sports and other co-curricular events.

To facilitate such activities on the campus and build up an environment of nurturing the talent in the students, we have development the campus with facilities and amenities which could help students to get involved in on co-curriculum activities also after their studies.