Seminars /Conferences/Workshops Organized during 2022-23

Name of Seminars/Conference/WorkshopDateType of Event
National Seminar on Herbal Medicine and its Scope in Current Scenario06-04-2022 to 08-04-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on Sterile Area Gowning in Injectable Plant21-04-2022Workshops for Students of your institution
International Conference on Human Resource Management: Opportunities & Challenges05-07-2022 to 06-07-2022International Conference/Seminar/Workshops
International Conference on Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical Research20-07-2022 to 22-07-2022International Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Law Workshop on ‘Understanding Intellectual Property Law: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights’22-07-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on Analytical Weighing Equipments for Drugs10-08-2022Workshops for Students of your institution
National Conference on Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy Research and Education25-08-2022 to 27-08-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Python Workshop31-08-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Seminar on Importance of World Pharmacy Day25-09-2022Seminar for Students of your institution
National Conference on Climate Smart Agriculture18-10-2022 to 19-10-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on Use of Excel in Modern Medicine Research19-10-2022Workshops for Faculty of your institution
Cyber Security Workshop20-10-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
IPR Workshop20-10-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Seminar on Radiodiagnosis and Patient Safety08-11-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Seminar on Highlights of NEP-202011-11-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Conference on Medical Products Surveillance in Modern Era16-11-2022 to 17-11-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on World Piles Day20-11-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Conference on the Novel Approach for New Formulations13-12-2022 to 14-12-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Critical Care Nursing Workshop15-12-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Conference on Research Trends In Biomedical Sciences11-01-2023 to 13-01-2023National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
FDP on Recent Advances in In Vitro Studies in Research20-01-2023Workshops for Faculty of your institution
National Seminar on Naturopathic Medicine02-02-2023National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Seminar on Contribution of Hakim Ajmal Khan11-02-2023National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Seminar on Pharmaceutical Chemistry17-02-2023National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Seminar on Sustainable Development and Industrial Growth23-02-2023 to 24-02-2023National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Conference on Integrating Natural and Modern Medicine in Drug Discovery and Development27-02-2023 to 28-02-2023National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on Women’s Empowerment06-03-2023State Level Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Workshop on Mushroom Cultivation10-03-2023 to 13-03-2023National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on World Oral Health20-03-2023National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Seminar on Advancement in Tuberculosis Research and Diagnosis24-03-2023National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Conference on Voice of Healthcare22-03-2023 to 24-03-2023National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Data Science with Python(FDP)29-03-2023 to 11-04-2023Workshops for Faculty of your institution

Seminars /Conferences/Workshops Organized during 2021-22

Name of Seminars/Conference/WorkshopDateType of Event
Workshop on No Tobacco31-05-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Quality Assurance and Quality Control03-07-2021State Level Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Conference on Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences22-07-2021 to 24-07-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
FDP on Nanotechnological Approach07-08-2021Workshops for Faculty of your institution
Seminar on Gender Equality26-08-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Conference on Novel Drug Delivery System27-08-2021 to 28-08-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Seminar on Neutraceutical11-09-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on World Alzheimer’s Day21-09-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
World Pharmacy Day Celebration: Workshop on Pharmaceutical Update25-09-2021Seminar for Students of your institution
Conference on Pharmacovigilance01-10-2021 to 02-10-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Law Workshop on ‘Introduction to Constitutional Law: Principles and Practice’15-10-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Handling of Sophisticated Instruments01-11-2021 to 03-11-2021Workshops for Faculty of your institution
National Conference on ‘Food Security: The Role of Agriculture in 21st Century’16-11-2021 to 17-11-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Seminar on Globalization and Business: Opportunities and Challenges in International Markets23-11-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Handling of Medical Equipments27-11-2021Workshops for Students of your institution
National Seminar on HIV Infection01-12-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Pharmacy Week Celebration: Workshop on Pharmaceutical Update01-12-2021 to 08-12-2021Workshops for Students of your institution
Workshop on Research & Publications07-01-2022 to 08-01-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Conference on Finance Management: Opportunities & Challenges16-02-2022National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on Trends in Pharmacy24-02-2022 to 25-02-2022Workshops for Faculty of your institution
Seminar on Prevention and Control of TB24-03-2022State Level Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Analytical Techniques26-03-2022Training Program for Students of your institution
Training on Analytical Methods03-03-2022 to 05-03-2022Training Program for Students of your institution

Seminars /Conferences/Workshops Organized during 2020-21

Name of Seminars/Conference/WorkshopDateType of Event
Series of Webinars08-05-2020State Level Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Webinar on Scripting Languages for Design Automation21-05-2020National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
International Webinar on ‘Graphene, a 2-Dimensional Material for Electronic and Sensing Applications’27-05-2020International Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Webinar on Caste and Environment through Dr. Ambedkar’s Lens05-06-2020National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Webinar on Blockchain and its use cases10-06-2020State Level Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Webinar on World Environment Week11-06-2020State Level Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Webinar on ‘Backlog Burden of Court: Alternative Dispute Resolution as a Fast and Flexible Way Forward’13-06-2020National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on ‘Yoga: A way for taking care of Mind, Body & Spirit’21-06-2020State Level Conference/Seminar/Workshops
FDP on Non Paradigm in Pharmaceuticals and Research24-06-2020 to 26-06-2020Workshops for Faculty  of your institution
National Webinar on the ‘Office of the Governor: Its Role and Relevance in the Light of Rajasthan Controversy’10-08-2020National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Webinar on ‘New Paradigm in Business and Commerce’05-09-2020National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Law Workshop on ‘Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: Legal Implications and Best Practices’08-09-2020National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on World Osteoporosis Day20-10-2020National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Faculty Development Program (FDP) On Research Methodologies In Legal Studies03-11-2020National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
FDP on Research Methodology Tools and Techniques03-11-2020 to 07-11-2020National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
FDP on ‘Emerging trends in herbal drug research’ in collaboration with ‘Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India’06-11-2020 to 11-11-2020National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
International Confrence on Recent Advancements in Science and Technology11-11-2020 to 12-11-2020International Conference/Seminar/Workshops
International Conference on Interdisciplinary Dialogues In The World Of Pandemic: Conflicts & Opportunities25-11-2020 to 26-11-2020International Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Training for Handling of IPQC Equipments28-11-2020Workshops for Students  of your institution
International FDP on Research Kit14-12-2020 to 20-12-2020International Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Mathematics Day22-12-2020 
HPLC Handling23-01-2021Workshops for Students  of your institution
International workshop on ‘At the Edge of Social Justice: The Identity and Struggles of Transhumant Van-Gujjar Pastoralists’27-01-2021 to 28-01-2021International Conference/Seminar/Workshops
National Workshop on Hijama to Celebrate Unani Day11-02-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Workshop on World Hearing Day03-03-2021National Conference/Seminar/Workshops
Role Drug Regulatory Affairs18-03-2021 to 20-03-2021Workshops for Students  of your institution
SOP Preparation26-03-2021 to 27-03-2021Seminar for Students  of your institution