Sponsored Projects​

Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects 2022-23
S. No. Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator) Title of the Project
1 Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma, Amir Ali, Isha Talwar Working Capital Management and Profitability of listed Pharmaceutical Firms in Uttarakhand
2 Dr. Abdul Hafeez, Dr. Shmmon Ahmad, Mohd Zaid Chaudhary Use of Quality Control Parameters in the Evaluation of Vegetable Crude Drugs
3 Ms. Shelly Raghav, Mridul Rana Enhancing Healthcare Education and Optimizing Medical Facilities
4 Dr. Varsha Deva, Dr. Shmmon Ahmad Projected Cost Analysis of Potential Medicare Pharmacy Plan Design
5 Dr. Mohammad Asif, Monish Khan Social Transformation and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: A Study on the Uttar Pradesh State of India
6 Dr. Yesh Pratap Singh Rana, Sayed Basharat, Muhammad Murtaza An Evaluation of Healthcare Services Under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) in Eastern Uttar Pradesh
7 Dr. Shmmon Ahmad, Tejinder Kaur Integrating AI for Healthcare Decision Support
8 Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma, Amir Ali Community Impact and Engagement
9 Dr. A Panuranjan, Rajib Das India’s Progress in Chasing Sustainable Development Goals: a Network Approach
10 Dr. Md Rashid Akhtar,  Mohd Naved ul Haq Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Empowering Differently Abled : A Study in Eastern UP Region
11 Dr. Pankaj Kumar Misra, Dr. Mohd Wazid An Evaluation Study on Media Intervention in Capacity Building among Women Gram panchayat Members in Uttarpradesh
12  Dr. Bilal Ahmed, Mohd Nafees, Higher Education Efficiency in Uttar Pradesh: An Empirical Study
13 Dr. Pankaj Kumar Misra, Dr. Aateka Bano A Study on Rural Girl Children Empowerment through Skill Integrated Education in India with Special Reference to Saharanpur District in Uttar Pradesh
14 Dr. Mohd Yusuf, Dr. Aateka Bano Problems and Prospects of Rural Women Entrepreneurs in Informal Sectors with Reference to Uttar Pradesh
15 Dr. Nasreen Musheer, Khushbu Kausar Development of Women's Education and Problems of Women Students in Higher Education
16 Dr. Parmod Kumar,  Mohit Kumar Sharma, Cyber Bullying of Females at Indian Higher Education Institutions
17 Dr. Mohd Wazid Khan, Mohd Waseem Youth and Skill Development in Western Uttar Pradesh: A Critical Appraisal with Special Focus on Young Women
18 Dr. Vipin Kumar, Khushbu Kausar A study on socio-economic impacts of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana
19 Dr. Mohd Wazid Khan, Mohd Waseem Empirical Analysis on Employment and Productivity of Micro and Small Scale  Enterprises with reference to Selected  Clusters Western Uttar Pradesh.
20 Dr. Babu Khan, Mohd Naved ul Haq Behavioural Intentions Towards the Use of Selected Mobile Wallets for Digital Payments
21 Dr. Mohd Wazid Khan, Mohd Waseem Legal Compliance Audit for Companys’ Operations
22  Dr. Wasim Khan, Dr. Aateka Bano, Historical Study of Tourist Places in West UP
23 Dr. Pankaj Kumar Misra, Dr. Aateka Bano Digital India Rural Youth: Studying Digital Penetration, Reach and Usage Among College Students of Saharanpur, Meerut and Muzaffarpur District of Uttar Pradesh
24 Dr. Wasim Khan, Khushbu Kausar, Corporate Social Responsibility For Rural Development
25 Dr. Aateka Bano, Dr. Nasreen Musheer, Gender Dynamics in Agricultural Information Network Usage Among Hill Farmers of Uttarakhand States’
26 Dr. Vipin Kumar; Arbaaz Khan, Impact of MGNREGA on Socio-Economic Status of Tribal People in Uttarakhand.
27 Dr. Huma Iqba, Indresh Pachauri Enhancing Organisation Operations
28 Dr. Wasim Khan, Arbaaz Khan, E-Learning Platform Development and Integration
29 Dr. Sarwar Rahman;  Syed Noeman Taqui Quality Assurance and Support
30 Dr. Md rashid Akhtar, Jamirul Islam, Capacity Building Development
31 Dr. Sarwar Rahman, Dr. Aateka Bano Educational Outreach and Community Engagement
32 Dr. Sarwar Rahman; Syed Noeman Taqui Navigating Career Transitions: Strategies for Professional Growth and Development”
33 Dr. Vipin Kumar; Anup Nautiyal, Innovations in Education: Exploring the Pedagogical Practices of Akansha Educational Society for Social Transformation
34 Dr. Wasim Khan, Indresh Pachauri, SIGPID for Android Malware Detection using Deep Learning
35 Dr. Asif Afzal, Mohd Naved ul Haq Automated Self-Navigated Dustbin System for Smart City with Mobile App”
36 Dr. Bilal Ahmed, Dr. Mohd Wazid Empowering Tomorrow's Educators: A Comprehensive Study of Teaching Methodologies in Contemporary Classrooms
37 Dr. Pramod Kumar, Sufiyan Mirza, Empowering Communities through Sustainable CSR Initiatives
38 Dr. Md rashid Akhtar, Pushpendra Kumar, Training program on Data Processing and Analysis for Industrial Management
39 Dr. Bilal Ahmed, Dr. Mohd Yusuf Automation of Teaching Learning Process with special reference to Outcome-Based Education
40 Dr. Umesh Kumar, Dr. Shmmon Ahmad, Ms. Shelly Raghav, Implementing Pharmacogenomics into Community Pharmacy Practice to Personalise the Treatment of Depression
Sponsored Projects 2021-22
S. No. Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator) Title of the Project
1 Dr. Mohammad Asif, Jatinder Kumar Evaluation and preparation of nanoemulsion with incorporation of atropine
2 Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma, Isha Talwar To evaluate the Anticancer in-vitro study of curcumin extract
3 Dr. Rahul Ramdass Shekar, Dr. Amit Suresh Dange To check the quality and efficacy of sanitary pads manufactured by PANAGIA Global Traders pvt Ltd.
4 Dr. Nasreen Musheer, Dr. Mohd Yusuf Biomass waste volorisation: Natural biocolorants from wasted Ecalyptus leaves
5 Dr Mohd Gulfishan, Dr. Babu Khan Phytochemical Investigation of Azadirachta indica leaves and bark
6 Dr. Faraz Ahmad, Dr. Mohammad Faheem Study on the perception behaviour of Integrated-IT based Telemedicine
7 Dr. Mohd Yusuf, Dr. Waseem Ahmed SamayLabs proposed collaborative working on project for an industrial end user: "A furniture manufacturing plant "
8 Dr.Vijendra Kumar, Dr. Sarwar Rahman; Export Challenges of Woodcarving Industry in Saharanpur: A Comprehensive Study
9 Dr. Amit Kumar;  Dr. Vikas Deepak Srivastava Investigating the Socio-Economic Status of Agricultural Farmers in Saharanpur
10 Dr. Sarwar Rahman; Dr. Indresh Pachauri Addressing Supply Chain and Distribution Challenges in Mango Farming: A Study of Farmers in Saharanpur District"
11 Dr. Vipin Kumar, Dr. Sarwar Rahman; Role of the Woodcarving Industry to Employment Generation in Saharanpur: A Comprehensive Analysis
12 Dr. Rayees Afzal Mir, Dr Mohd Gulfishan Induced mutagenesis in Vicia faba to enhance genetic variability
13 Dr. Nasreen Musheer Prof Rayees Afzal Mir Biotic and abiotic interactions in the rhizosphere that influence crop productivity.
14 Dr. Abdul Hafeez, Ruhinaz Ushal Investigeting the role of Quercitin in Memory enhancemnt and Antioxidant activity
Sponsored Projects 2020-21
S. No. Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator) Title of the Project
1 Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma, Baljinder Kaur To formulate Giloy vati with enhanced immunomudulatory properties
2 Dr. Sarwar Rahman;  Dr. Maaz Hasan Khan Investigating Challenges Faced by Sugarcane Farmers: A Case Study in Saharanpur District
3 Dr. Vipin Kumar; Dr. Sarwar Rahman; Woodcarving Sector's Contribution to Job Creation and Economic Livelihoods in Saharanpur
4 Dr. Mohammad Faheem, Dr Mohd Yusuf, AssA1:C68esment of mutagenic sensitivity and LD50 dose to determined specific of mutagen for Lentil improvement.