IIPRMR-2023 Unveils Stellar Keynote Lineup

The Glocal University hosted a dynamic celebration in honor of World Hindi Day on January 10, 2024, under the esteemed guidance of Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Bharti.

The event commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by distinguished dignitaries from the university followed by the  Vani Vandana by Dr. Rashmi Shakya, poetess from Ghazipur. Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Bharti highlighted the global significance of Hindi, urging attendees to seamlessly integrate it into their daily lives.

The event witnessed the esteemed presence of Pro Vice-Chancellors Prof. (Dr.) Satish Kumar Sharma and Prof. (Dr.)Pankaj Kumar Mishra, Dean Academic Affairs, Prof.(Dr.) Pramod Kumar and Campus Director Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Pandey. Chief Finance Officer A. P. Singh (C.A.) presided over the event and coordinated by  Dr. Shobha Tripathi, Associate Professor of the Glocal Arts and Humanities School.

The programme featured distinguished poets, including Dr. Rashmi Shakya (Gazipur), Mohit Sangam (Haridwar) and Dr. Shobha Tripath, Dr. Vijay Kumar, Yashoda Nailwal (Delhi), Faraz Khan and Shalu Vishwakarma of the Glocal University. They shared their poetic compositions on diverse topics, expressing powerful verses that showcased their talent.

Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Satish Kumar Sharma expressed gratitude, emphasizing that honoring our language strengthens internal talents, garnering global respect.
Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Kumar Mishra encouraged efforts to enrich Hindi, highlighting abundant employment opportunities and the responsibility of Indians to contribute.

The preliminary session, conducted by Dr. Reshma Tahir, Dean, Glocal School of Vocational Studies and the poetry session, led by Dr. Shobha Tripathi. The event were attended with great enthusiasm by deans of all schools, principals, faculty members, Deputy Registrar Vinay Yadav, Dean Student Welfare Swarnima Singh, Dean of Arts and Humanities School Dr. Waseem Ahmad, students, and other staff.


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