DAY 4 – Annual Fest of Glocal University MERAKI 4.0

February 23, 2024
On the fourth day of Meraki 4.0, diverse competitions unfolded across the university.
The Drama Competition, held at the Medical Auditorium and coordinated by Mr. Sufiyian Mirza, was a captivating showcase of theatrical talent resonated with creativity and enthusiasm. The judging panel, consisting of Dr. Waseem Ahmad and Mr. Pushpendra Kumar, brought their expertise to assess the participants’ dramatic flair and artistic expressions, contributing to the overall success of the event.
The event featured intense performances from various teams, with Suhail Team emerging as the winner and Yasser Team securing the runner-up position.
The Medical Auditorium came alive with talent during the “Two Minutes to Fame” event, impeccably coordinated by Ashrita Dubey, Rashda Rehman, and Foziya. Participants showcased their diverse talents and skills in a brief yet impactful time frame. The evaluation of performances was undertaken by the judging duo of Mr. Mohd. Murtza & Mr. Gurdeep Panwar, who took on the challenging task with diligence and expertise. The auditorium was filled with applause, marking the triumph of creativity and skill in this engaging competition.
Mohd. Ghazi claimed the winner’s title, leaving a lasting impression with his exceptional performance. Anas Group secured the runner-up position, delivering an impressive presentation. Noteworthy contributions from Asif Group earned them the third position, adding to the overall excitement and success of the “Two Minutes to Fame” event.
The Seminar Hall 1 was transformed into a realm of creativity during the Makeover Artist competition, skillfully coordinated by Ms. Khushbu Koshar and Ms. Sumaiyah. The event showcased the artistic prowess of participants who displayed their talent in the art of transformation. The judging panel, consisting of Ms. Arshita, Ms. Raicheal, Mr. Faheem, and Mr. Chandra Shekhar, undertook the task of evaluating the participants’ makeover skills. The Makeover Artist Competition in Seminar Hall 1 celebrated the fusion of skill and creativity, leaving a lasting impact on the participants and the audience alike.
Areeba Bushra emerged as the winner, showcasing exceptional artistry in the makeover process. Aafreen secured the runner-up position with her impressive skills, while Vinita earned the third position, adding to the overall vibrancy and success of the event.
The serene ambiance of Seminar Hall 1 became a floral haven during the Flower Arrangement competition, skillfully organized by the coordinators. Dr. Vijay Kumar, Ms. Priti, Ms. Kehkasha, and Ms. Vidhi composed the judging panel, bringing their expertise to assess the participants’ artistry in floral design. The Flower Arrangement Competition bloomed with talent, creating a visually enchanting experience for both participants and spectators.
In a display of creativity and floral finesse, Sumaiyya Naaz emerged as the winner, showcasing a captivating arrangement that caught the judges’ eyes. Danish Arafat secured the runner-up position with a skillful presentation, adding to the overall beauty and elegance of the event.
The open area near the Management canteen witnessed intense competition during the Tug of War (Male) event, impeccably coordinated by Mr. Shiv Kumar. The judges and umpire for this spirited contest were Mr. Gautam Panwar and Mr. Zaid Choudhary. The event not only showcased physical prowess but also emphasized the importance of collaboration and unity, making it an engaging and memorable spectacle in the university’s event lineup.
In a display of strength, strategy, and teamwork, the Paramedical team emerged victorious, showcasing their prowess in the Tug of War competition. The Agriculture team displayed commendable effort and resilience, securing the runner-up position.
The Tug of War Complex near the Management Canteen resonated with determination and teamwork during the Tug of War (Female) event, skillfully coordinated by Mr. Shiv Kumar, Mr. Gautam Panwar and Mr. Zaid Choudhary officiated as judges and umpire, respectively. The match not only highlighted physical prowess but also celebrated the unity and collaboration among diverse disciplines, making it a memorable and empowering event for the female participants.
In an impressive display of collective strength and coordination, the combined team of Glocal Law School, School of Technology, and School of Natural Science emerged victorious, showcasing a formidable force. The Nursing School’s Team displayed commendable effort and resilience, securing the runner-up position.
The Medical Auditorium became a forum for intellectual discourse during the Debate Competition, expertly coordinated by Ms. Vaishali and Mr. Abdul. The judging panel, consisting of Dr. Abdul Hafeez and Mr. Gaurav Tyagi, played the crucial role of evaluating the participants’ persuasive arguments and rhetorical skills.
In a battle of words, Alka emerged as the winner, articulating her points with clarity and conviction. Noor Azam secured the runner-up position with a compelling performance, while Abubakare Odukale Olaoye claimed the third position, adding depth to the competition.
The Basketball Court echoed with the sound of dribbling and cheers during the Boys Basketball competition, skillfully coordinated by faculty coordinators Mr. Monish Khan (Pharmacy) and Mr. Shahid Bhatt (Paramedical College). Dr. Sanjeev (Sports Incharge) officiated as the umpire for the energetic contest. The match not only highlighted athletic abilities but also fostered a spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie among the participants, making it a memorable event on the university’s sports calendar.
In a thrilling display of skill and teamwork, Glocal Champs 14 emerged as the victorious team, showcasing their prowess on the basketball court. The Glocal Warriors 9 put up a commendable effort, securing the runner-up position in a closely contested match.
The Mehndi Competition, held in Seminar Hall-1 and coordinated by Aafreen Khan, unfolded with vibrant creativity and skill. Judges Ms. Kahkasha, Ms. Priti Soni, Ms. Vidhi, and Dr. Vijay Kumar presided over the event, evaluating intricate designs and artistic flair.
Vaishali (BALLB 1st Year) claimed the winner’s title, while Sumayya secured the runner-up position, and Namra attained the third position, adding a touch of artistry and competition to the spirited event.
The Boys Volleyball Match, hosted at the university’s volleyball ground and coordinated by Sanawwar, witnessed a spirited competition. Dr. Sanjeev (Sports Incharge), along with Mr. Shiv kumar Singh and Mr. Gautam Panwar as umpires, ensured fair play and officiated the event. The event was marked by enthusiasm and competitive spirit, highlighting the athletic talents within the university community.
In an exciting match, the Nursing School Team emerged victorious, showcasing their athletic prowess, while the Pharmacy College Team displayed commendable sportsmanship despite ending as runners-up.

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