Annual Fest of Glocal University Meraki 4.0 Inaugrated on February 20, 2024, DAY-1

The inaugural session of Annual Fest MERAKI 4.0 was a spectacular celebration of talent, creativity, and cultural diversity, held at the Glocal University on February 20, 2024. The event brought together students, faculty, and esteemed guests to showcase the vibrant spirit of the university community.

The Annual Fest of University MERAKI 4.0 unfolded under the visionary leadership of the Honourable Vice Chancellor, Prof (Dr.) P.K Bharti, with general supervision from Registrar Prof (Dr.) S.P. Pandey.

Apart from other distinguished dignitaries, Dean Academics Affairs, Prof. (Dr.) Pramod Kumar, Chief Finance Officer, A.K Singh (C.A.), Chief Proctor Jamirul Islam, Public Relation Officer (PRO) Dr. Mohd Wazid Khan, Directors, Principals, Deans, HoDs, faculty members, teaching and non-teaching staff, alongside a vast gathering of students, graced the occasion.

The fest commenced with the grand welcome of guests, setting with excitement and entertainment. The Lamp Lighting Ceremony followed, symbolizing the enlightenment of knowledge and the spirit of unity. The ceremonial lighting was carried out by the distinguished guests, creating a visually stunning and auspicious start to the event. Next on the itinerary was the Felicitation of guests,
The Welcome note by Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic Administration) Prof (Dr.) S.K Sharma added an academic touch to the event, emphasizing the importance of education and the role of cultural events in holistic development. He also expounded on the meaning of MERAKI and underscored the significance of ‘Viksit Bharat.’ He bestowed blessings upon the students for their diligent organization of the event.

The cultural extravaganza kicked off with mesmerizing performances, starting with a captivating Dance Performance that showcased the talent and energy of the university’s dance enthusiasts. This was followed by a soulful Duet Song Performance, where the participants enthralled the audience with their melodious voices and harmonious coordination.

The program continued with a vibrant Folk Dance Performance, bringing forth the rich cultural heritage of different regions. The Singing Performance added a musical charm to the fest, with participants showcasing their vocal prowess and leaving the audience spellbound.

The highlight of the event was the Group Dance Performance, a dynamic and synchronized display of talent that brought the entire audience to their feet. The diverse and energetic performances truly reflected the spirit of unity and celebration.

The event concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Pro Vice Chancellor (Skill Development & Accreditation) Prof. (Dr.) P.K. Mishra, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the fest. His acknowledgment of the efforts put in by the participants, organizers, and sponsors added a gracious touch to the closing ceremony.

As a fitting end to the festivities, the National Anthem was sung with pride and unity, symbolizing the shared identity and patriotism of the university community.

The inaugural session of University MERAKI 4.0 Annual Fest was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on all attendees. The event showcased immense talent, fostering a sense of community. As a grand success, sky lantern balloons were released at the central plaza of university symbolizing the triumphant conclusion of the inaugural session of MERAKI 4.0 Annual Fest.

The On-Going Session (Second Session) of the Annual Fest MERAKI 4.0 kicked off with a dazzling fashion show in the Medical Auditorium, which unfolded with an abundance of enthusiasm and style. The aura was charged with excitement as participants and the audience. The Fashion Show was coordinated by Ms. Ashrita Dubey and Ms. Azeema Saadat, who successfully orchestrated a showcase of style, creativity & self-expression. The judging panel for this glamorous event comprised Dr. Waseem (TPO), Dr. Anjana R (Ayurveda), and Ms. Javeria. Namra Ansari from Paramedical emerged as the Winner, Danish secured the Runner-up position, and Shakir Rana claimed the Third Position in the fashion show.

The Annual Fest at University MERAKI 4.0 continued with a riveting Chess Tournament hosted in the Indoor Sports Hall. The competition, adjudicated by Mr. Zaid (Pharmacy) and efficiently coordinated by Tuba Khan, brought together skilled participants from various disciplines. The Chess Competition not only provided a platform for strategic minds to showcase their skills but also added a layer of intellectual engagement.
The winners of the Chess Tournament were Madhav Garg (BCA) and Diviksha Vijayprakash Upadhyay (BUMS), showcasing exceptional strategic prowess. The runner-up positions were secured by Modh Shaim and Vaishali, adding to the intensity and excitement of the event.

The event proceeded with a thrilling Table Tennis Tournament held in the Indoor Sports Hall, featuring intense competition umpired by Mr. Zaid (Pharma) and coordinated by Tuba Khan. The tournament not only showcased the participants’ prowess in table tennis but also added a dynamic and competitive dimension to the overall event. The winners of the Table Tennis Tournament were Abubakre Odukale (Paramedical) and Nishat Gauri (Paramedical), showcasing exceptional skills and sportsmanship. Mohd Anas (Pharmacy) and Supriya (BSc CBZ) performed admirably, securing the Runner-up position in the tournament.

The event seamlessly transitioned into a Best Out of Waste competition held in Seminar Hall 1, expertly coordinated by Ms. Vaishali, Dr. Indresh, and Tapsi. The judging responsibilities were undertaken by Dr. Bilal Ahmed, Dr. Avnish Chauhan, and Mrs. Urvashi Tyagi. The competition not only showcased the participants’ innovative skills but also emphasized the importance of sustainability and recycling. In a display of creativity and resourcefulness, Alisha Malik from Paramedical claimed the top spot as the Winner, followed by Foziya, also from Paramedical, securing the Runner-up position. The 3rd Position was earned by Nikita.

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