Ph.D. Agriculture

Course Details

  • Program:  Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
  • Level:  Doctorate

The Glocal University has always positioned itself at the forefront of `applied research` in agriculture, from its foundation 8 years ago, when the industrial revolution was realigning food supply systems, through to today when societal concern is focused on how to feed humanity and conserve the land in a period of challenge and change. PhDs are an essential part of the knowledge economy. Completing a PhD is all about creating fresh knowledge, discovering new things and developing new skills. It is a degree meant for those who seek greater depth of knowledge in a specific area in recognition of high achievement application of scientific knowledge for solving technical, social and real world problem and to underlying the basic concept of the research work. The doctoral students encouraged engaging in guest lectures and various national and international conference/seminars held at Glocal and other Universities. The scholars are guided and supervised during their entire research journey by their Guide and office of Director Research and Development.

Our research strategy is framed around three goals:

Changing climate and Food Supply 

For the governments around the globe, food security is one of the main concerns in changing climatic conditions. To feed approximately 10 billion in 2050, it is the need of hour to focus on optimisation of food production, animal welfare and climate smart agriculture by implementing agri-technology solution thereby ensuring the efficient food production for future.

Environmental Sustainability

Global environment is being affected, both directly and indirectly, by paced urbanisation, globalization, loss of biodiversity and wild habitats and population growth. Through agro-ecology, renewable agriculture, and rejuvenating communities, our research system incorporates a comprehensive and scientific focus to ensure sustainability, vegetation resilience, and biodiversity. We are investigating ways to keep humans, plants, and animals healthy while also conserving culture and heritage in making the world a great place to live.

Empowering and Reviving India in the Covid and post-Covid eras

Changes in social trends in a digital age will shape strategies to reinvigorate, regrow, and facilitate retrieval at the local, national, and international levels. The need to balance communities and create fair chances in India and overseas, as well as to revitalise the economy will open opportunities and it will also necessitate transformation, transition, and change.

These three themes interconnect throughout our six research clusters:

Sustainability, regeneration and biodiversity in agriculture

Welfare and Health of Livestock

Food security, quality and policy.

Equine science

Rural economy

Cultural heritage

We conduct intensive scientific research at our University and also have an international reach, particularly through our doctoral research community and productive links with other countries. The University`s research strategy is based on collaborations between doctoral research students, scientists, farmers, innovators and entrepreneur. We have been able to leverage collaborations and develop innovative research projects due to our location in a largely rural area. This approach incorporates farmer-science and farmer-led innovation networks in which existing knowledge, skills, and practise are widely recognised and developed.

Disciplines: Currently, equipped with all modern laboratory facilities, the School of Agricultural Science runs Ph.D. programme in various disciplines viz.,


Crop Physiology and Biochemistry

Genetics and Breeding

Agriculture Biotechnology

Agriculture Economics

Agriculture Engineering




Environmental Science

Ph.D. Guidelines: The University runs its doctoral programmes in compliance with the UGC rules and regulations provided from time to time

Fee Structure

Ph.D. (Agriculture)
Tuition Fee University Examination Fee
Rs. 90,000/- (Per Year)   Rs. 30,000/-
Registration Fee (One Time) Rs. 2,000/-
Clinical Posting/Field Work/Industrial Training Additional if Required
Degree/Migration/Character/Convocation Charges/Alumni Charges Additional*
* Shall be charged along with the final Semester/Year fee