Course Details

  • Course:  M.A. 
  • Level: Post – Graduation
  • Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)
  • Fees: 15000


The Objectives of the School of Arts & Social Science (SASS): 

To offer rigorous and innovative academic programs that blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills and experiential learning opportunities. 

To attract and retain a diverse faculty with outstanding credentials, teaching abilities, and research expertise. 

To provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment that values and respects diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

To engage in cutting-edge research that advances knowledge in the social sciences and humanities, and contributes to the betterment of society. 

To collaborate with local, national, and international organizations to promote community engagement, social responsibility, and global citizenship.

Fee Structure

Tuition FeeUniversity Examination Fee
Rs. 15,000/- (Per Year)  Rs. 1,000/- (Per Semester)
Admission Registration Fee (One Time)Rs. 1,000/-
Clinical Posting/Field Work/Industrial TrainingAdditional if Required
Degree/Migration/Character/Convocation Charges/Alumni ChargesAdditional*
* Shall be charged along with the final Semester/Year fee


A Master of Arts (MA) degree is a postgraduate degree that provides students with advanced knowledge and skills in a specific area of study. Here are some career opportunities that you can consider after completing your MA:

Research: MA graduates can work as research assistants or research analysts in various research organizations or academic institutions.

Education: With an MA degree, you can work as a teacher or lecturer in colleges and universities. You can also pursue a PhD and become a professor in your chosen field of study.

Journalism and Mass Communication: You can pursue a career in journalism, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, and media, with an MA degree.

Foreign Service: MA graduates can take the Indian Foreign Service Examination and become diplomats, representing India in various countries.

Public Policy and Administration: With an MA degree in public policy and administration, you can work with government organizations, think tanks, and NGOs, working on policy analysis and implementation.

Social Work: MA graduates can work with NGOs and social welfare organizations, working for social causes like education, health, and women empowerment.

Publishing: You can work in the publishing industry, as a writer, editor, or literary agent, with an MA degree in English or Creative Writing.

Museum and Heritage Management: MA graduates can work in museums and heritage sites, managing collections, organizing exhibitions, and preserving cultural artifacts.

Arts and Culture: With an MA degree in arts and culture, you can work in the arts and culture sector, managing galleries, curating exhibitions, or working with cultural organizations.

Language Translation and Interpretation: MA graduates with proficiency in multiple languages can work as translators and interpreters in various industries, including government, business, and media.

These are just a few career opportunities available to MA graduates. With the right skills and qualifications, you can build a successful career in various industries.