On the auspicious occasion of Ramadan, Glocal University once again embraced the spirit of togetherness and cultural harmony by hosting its annual “Iftar Party” on 4th April 2024.
The esteemed Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) P.K. Bharti, said that the event aimed to uphold India’s rich Ganga-Jamuni culture while fostering messages of peace, unity, and brotherhood.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) P.K. Bharti, reiterated the university’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, highlighting the significance of such gatherings in promoting mutual understanding and respect among all.

The event witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries including Pro Vice Chancellors Prof. (Dr.) S.K. Sharma and Prof. (Dr.) P.K. Mishra, Registrar Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Pandey, and CFO A.P. Singh (CA), alongside heads of various departments, faculty members, and dedicated non-teaching staff. Together, they partook in the Iftar festivities and shared a delightful dinner in the serene ambience of the Yoga Compound at Glocal University.

The seamless execution of the event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Chief Proctor Md. Jamirul Islam, Dr. Reshma Tahir, DSW Mrs. Swarnima Singh, Dr. Mohd Wazid Khan, Dr. Waseem Ahmad, Ms. Salma Parveen, Mr. Shahnavaz Ali, and Mr. Mhd. Waseem and other staff worked tirelessly to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

As the sun set and the aroma of traditional delicacies filled the air, participants exchanged warm greetings and shared moments of camaraderie, reaffirming the university’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and harmonious environment.

The Iftar Party at Glocal University stood as a testament to the power of unity in diversity, showcasing the strength that emerges when individuals from various backgrounds come together to celebrate shared values and aspirations. Through events like these, Glocal University continues to champion the spirit of multiculturalism and mutual respect, setting an exemplary standard for campuses nationwide.

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