Grand Convocation Ceremony Of 2024 At Glocal University

Glocal University celebrated a momentous occasion on Sunday evening with the grand convocation ceremony for the students. The event, held with grandeur and pride, showcased the culmination of years of hard work and dedication of the passing out students.

The ceremony was graced by esteemed guests, Mr. N.H. Rizvi, former Special Secretary of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, who served as the chief guest and keynote speaker, and Dr. Rajneesh Agrawal, CEO of MTNL-STPI IT Service, as the distinguished guest.

Leading the proceedings was the Honorable Vice Chancellor of Glocal University, Professor (Dr.) P.K. Bharti, who not only presided over the ceremony but also administered the oath of convocation, inspiring the graduates to uphold the values of knowledge and integrity.

Under the guidance of Vice Chancellor Professor (Dr.) P.K. Bharti, Chancellor Medals were conferred upon 18 outstanding students, while Vice-Chancellor Medals were awarded to 19 deserving individuals. Additionally, degrees were bestowed upon Ph.D. recipients, marking their scholarly achievements.

The convocation commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the dispelling of ignorance, followed by the enchanting Saraswati Vandana, invoking blessings for wisdom and enlightenment.

Pro Vice Chancellor Professor (Dr.) John Finbe extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the tone for an evening of celebration and recognition.

The Honorable Vice Chancellor, Professor (Dr.) P.K. Bharti, presented the annual report, highlighting the university’s academic achievements and milestones attained during the past year.

Registrar Professor (Dr.) S.P. Pandey declared the convocation opening, paving the way for the conferment of degrees by Pro Vice Chancellor Professor (Dr.) Satish Kumar Sharma. This was followed by an insightful address by Dr. Rajneesh Agrawal, offering valuable insights and words of wisdom to the graduating cohort.

The convocation ceremony was further enriched by the keynote address delivered by the esteemed Chief Guest, Mr. N.H. Rizvi, who shared inspiring anecdotes and encouraged the graduates to embark on their future endeavours with zeal and determination.

The proceedings were efficiently conducted by Dr. Reshma Tahir, Dr. Shobha Tripathi, and D.S.W. Swarnima Singh, ensuring a seamless flow of events throughout the ceremony.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the university, Vice Chancellor Professor (Dr.) P.K. Mishra delivered the vote of thanks, acknowledging the contributions of all involved in making the convocation a resounding success.

A memorable momento presentation and group photo session provided an opportunity for dignitaries to commemorate the occasion, capturing cherished memories for posterity.

Registrar Professor (Dr.) S.P. Pandey formally announced the closure of the convocation ceremony, culminating in a stirring rendition of the national anthem and a delightful dinner, fostering camaraderie and fellowship among all present.

Prior to the convocation ceremony, an alumni meet was organized, fostering connections and celebrating the enduring legacy of Glocal University.

The grand convocation ceremony of 2024 at Glocal University was indeed a testament to the pursuit of excellence and the triumph of knowledge, leaving an indelible mark on the journey of each graduate as they step into the world equipped with skills and values instilled by their alma mater.

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