Glocal College of Paramedical Science and Research Centre Hosts Insightful Seminar on World Cancer

In a commendable effort to raise awareness about cancer and its various facets, Glocal College of Para Medical Science and Research Centre organized a one-day seminar on World Cancer Day, which is observed annually on February 4th. The event was spearheaded by Principal of Paramedical College Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar.
The seminar featured a comprehensive presentation by Mr. Sheikh Abdul Wase, shedding light on the global scenario of cancer, its prevalence, and the importance of creating awareness. The session was attended over 100 students. Additionally the entire faculty of paramedical college actively participated in the event, sharing their perspectives and insights on World Cancer Day.
The session focused on educating attendees about the various types of cancer, preventive measures, and the latest advancements in cancer treatment. The faculty members passionately shared their knowledge and experiences, aiming to instil a sense of responsibility within the students to contribute towards cancer awareness.
Following the presentation, Ms. Ashrita Dubey, Mr. Gautam, and Ms. Rashda engaged the audience in an interactive session, encouraging students to actively participate by posing questions and sharing their thoughts on the discussed topics.
The seminar concluded on a patriotic note with the rendition of the national anthem, symbolizing unity and collective commitment towards combating the challenges posed by cancer. The event not only served as an educational platform but also fostered a sense of community engagement, emphasizing the crucial role that education institutions play in spreading awareness about critical health issues.

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