Dean Message

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar (Dean)

With extreme pleasure, I welcome you all; the aspirants, their parents and professionals to the Glocal College of Paramedical Science & Research Centre, The Glocal University, Mirzapur Pole, Saharanpur. Glocal College of Paramedical Science & Research Centre is a centre of excellence where we endeavor to impart best knowledge and cognition to inspire innovation among our students. We aspire to transform our students as competent, skilled and passionate Paramedics with sound knowledge, professional ethics and good human values. Paramedics are those who work behind-the-scenes to find cures, discover diseases and report important & potentially life-saving findings and support clinicians.

Paramedics are one of the strongest pillars of the Health Industry. Paramedics come in all assortments and all of them require a lot of technical and scientific expertise with theoretical and hands on practical knowledge.
So if you have a flair for science, a keen eye for detail and you love the idea of solving a medical mystery that could help save a life, you will learn how to develop clinical practice, diagnosis, handling acute & critical illness, clinical decision making and you may be destined to become a medical technologist. To sign on the dotted line, I ensure all students are provided an expert insight on behind-the-scenes look at their career. I am sure the students will find the college most beneficial in accumulating their expertise and emerge as the world class future medical technologists, a good human being and an asset to the society.