DAY 3 – Annual Fest of Glocal University MERAKI 4.0

February 22, 2024

The Third day of MERAKI 4.O unfolded in a crescendo of cultural sophistication, artistic brilliance, and athletic achievement. The auditorium resonated with the grace of Bazm-e-Tehzeeb Season 5, followed by vibrant Rangoli creations and captivating Stone Arts & Face Painting competitions. The day concluded with the thrilling final match of Cricket.


The day commenced with the cultural extravaganza of Bazm-e-Tehzeeb (Season-5) in the university auditorium. Participants, under the coordination of Mr. Sufiyan Mirza, presented eloquent expressions of cultural richness. The esteemed judging panel, led by Dr. Mohd Wazid Khan, Dr. Hishamuddin, Dr. Rehan, and Dr. Aini, added a touch of sophistication to the event.

Usman Warid secured the first position, Sadik claimed the runner-up spot, and Rabiya achieved the third position.


The vibrant hues and intricate designs adorned the Rangoli competition venue, showcasing the artistic flair of the participants. Coordinated by Ms. Nikita Kohli and Suhaliya, the competition turned the campus into a canvas, with the judging panel, led by Mr. Asif, Ms. Iqra Farooqi, evaluating the creativity on display.

The Rangoli Competition took place in the open area near the Medical Library, Vaibhav and group securing the first position, Shivani and group as runners-up, and Amree and group clinching the third position.


The creative endeavors continued with the Face Painting competition, where participants transformed faces into living artworks. Coordinated by Ms. Shalu and Suhana, the event saw imaginative expressions judged by Dr. Nasreen Musheer, Dr. Sreelaksmi C L.

Tapsi Panwar emerged as the winner, with Nishat Gauri as the runner-up and Afreen securing the third position.


The Stone Art Competition unfolded in the open area near the Finance Office, skillfully coordinated by Ms. Shalu and Shalu. The artistic endeavors of the participants were evaluated by a panel of judges, namely Dr. Shammon Ahmad and Dr. Amit, who contributed their expertise to the success of the event.

The competition witnessed Arshala and her group securing the coveted first position, followed by Supriya and her group as the runners-up. The third position was clinched by Sana and her group.


The University Cricket Tournament’s championship match unfolded at the university’s cricket ground under the adept coordination of Mr. Zaid Choudhary. Mr. Shahid Bhatt and Mr. Musharaf served as umpires for the event, overseeing a contest filled with fierce competition and admirable sportsmanship.

The Pharmacy team emerged as the champions, showcasing exceptional cricketing skills and teamwork. The Management team, displaying commendable performance, secured the position of runners-up in the tournament.

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