Program: BBALLB

  • Level: Graduation
  • Duration: 5 Years (10 Semester)
  • Fees: 1 Yr – 20000
               2 Yr – 20000
               3 Yr – 20000
               4 Yr – 30000
               5 Yr – 30000
              120000 (Total)
  • Programme Educational Objectives:

To promote management and legal thinking skills among students with a comprehensive understanding of the law in order to effectively and efficiently handle legal as well as management situations.

To prepare students for a conspicuous appearance in court by teaching them professional ethics and legal procedure.

To develop the professional legal knowledge and communication skills required for a successful legal career. 

To raise student understanding of the various emerging social and technical concerns that have arisen as a result of liberalisation and globalisation.

To develop a behavioural and psychological understanding of the laws that governs criminal behaviour.

To be able to comprehend the fundamental concepts of municipal, international, substantive, and procedural law.

To learn and analyse legal principles in relation to the current political, social, and economic situation.

To use the legal system as a tool for effective communication and analysis.

Program Outcomes (PO):

To improve Students legal knowledge, they should be able to apply legal ideas in current societal situations.

To enable students to carve out a career in litigation in a variety of industries, including corporations, banks, and courts.

To gain the drafting, pleading, and convincing abilities necessary for legal practise proficiency.

To inculcate habits of micromanagement among the students related to their lives.

To inculcate students to develop Entrepreneurial skills.

To expose students to the ideas of Start-up and Company Management.

Understanding and applying legal ethics in legal practise, as well as fostering friendly relationships between the Bar and the Bench.

To improve research and reasoning skills in order to broaden legal knowledge and deal with socio-legal issues.

To enable students to reflect on their accomplishments and life objectives.

To make it a lifelong learning process that contributes to a greater enrichment of society ideals.

To develop an analytical leadership and motivational attitude that will benefit the other members of the legal society.

To develop expertise in the practical application of legal principles by raising awareness of constitutional, legislative, and societal changes.

Fee Structure

Tuition FeeUniversity Examination Fee
1 Yr – 20000
2 Yr – 20000
3 Yr – 20000
4 Yr – 30000
5 Yr – 30000
120000 (Total)
Rs. 1,000/- (Per Semester)
Admission Registration Fee (One Time)Rs. 1,000/-
Clinical Posting/Field Work/Industrial TrainingAdditional if Required
Degree/Migration/Character/Convocation Charges/Alumni ChargesAdditional*
* Shall be charged along with the final Semester/Year fee


BBA LL.B is a Graduate integrated course of five years duration. This is a professional course which combines Bachelor of Business Administration and Law. It covers various arts subjects like History, Economics, Sociology, finance, etc along with the strong basis of law and legislature. The course is not only restricted to the class rooms studies, but it also includes the mock court trainings, case studies, etc. This integrated course offers bright career opportunities for the aspirants nowadays. They have opportunities with various courts of law both in Central and State government. Graduates who have completed this integrated course can also opt for the higher studies.

Higher Studies Options after BBA LL.B

There are many options in higher education after integrated course in BBA LLB. Students can opt for LLM or MBA after this. Those interested in a career in teaching field can choose LLM and those want to divert their career to flexible areas and to gain experience with corporate can choose MBA.

Post-Graduate Diplomas

LL.M Specializations in

Business Law 

Human Rights Law


Trade Law

Corporate and Commercial Law

International Law

Personal Laws

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Criminal Law

Environment Law

Public Policy Law and Governance

Labour Law, etc.



Short Term Courses for BBA LLB Graduates

BBA LLB graduates can also opt for the short term courses after their graduation. Some of the short term courses offered in India are:

Diploma in Administrative Laws

Diploma in Co-operative Law

Diploma in Corporate Laws and Management

Diploma in Environmental Laws

Diploma in Business and Human Rights

Diploma in International Laws

Diploma in Labour Law and Personnel Management

Diploma in Labour Laws (D.L.L)

Diploma in Labour Laws and Industrial Relations

Diploma in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare

Diploma in Taxation Laws, etc.

Job Opportunities for BBA LLB Graduates

After gaining experience as apprentice, they can take part in the examinations organized by Law Society. Those clearing this examination can work as articled clerks. These professionals can work under the experienced advocates as junior advocates and can gain several years of experience. Once they gain this experience they will be able to practice independently. Numerous opportunities are there in this field in both public and in private sectors.

Most of the law graduates prefer to work as a lawyer in reputed sectors. And for this they need license issued by Local/ State/ Central BAR Council. They can begin their career in government sectors as lawyer in tax and labour departments, public prosecutors or in defence fields. The experienced ones can move up to the positions like Associate Attorney, Attorney, and Solicitor General etc. They can also in the teaching field, work for particular firms, organizations or family, in consulting agencies and even in political field.