2 Days Workshop on Investment Planning and Capital Markets

The Glocal School of Business and Commerce, (GSBC) Glocal University, Saharanpur, organized a two days workshop on ‘Investment Planning and Capital Markets’ in collaboration with NISM and SEBI. The workshop, held from December 6, 2023, to December 7, 2023, was organized under the leadership of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Glocal University, Professor (Dr.) P.K. Bharti, Registrar, Professor (Dr.) R.D. Dwivedi, Pro. Vice-Chancellor Professor (Dr.) S.K. Sharma, Pro. Vice-Chancellor Professor (Dr.) P.K. Mishra, and Dean Academics, Professor (Dr.) Pramod Kumar, Campus Director, Professor (Dr.) S.P. Pandey.
Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dean of the Glocal School of Business and Commerce, acquainted students with the financial market, its risks, and guidance from NISM and SEBI. Dr. Mukul Jain, Resource Person from NISM and SEBI, provided valuable insights into the crucial aspects of the stock market, enhancing financial literacy, and discussed possibilities for its development in the coming years. He inspired students to consider improvements in the financial sector and its potential consequences.
At the conclusion of the program, the Pro.Vice-Chancellor of Glocal University, Professor (Dr.) S.K. Sharma, delivered an inspirational and dedicated closing speech. Dr. Sharma shared his personal experiences related to finance and motivated students to boost their confidence for investments planning. Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dean of the Glocal School of Business and Commerce, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all participants, praising their hard work and contributions. The program had various participants from different departments, universities, and institutions, including Dr. Mohd. Sarwar Rahman, Dr. Vikas Deepak Srivastava, Dr. Amit Kumar, Dr. Indresh Pachauri, Dr. Reshma Tahir, Ms. Khushbu Kausar, Mr. Arbaaz Khan, and other students from various departments, universities, and institutions.

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