Course Details

Program:  BBA

Level: Graduation

Duration: 3 Years (6 Semester)

Fees: 30000/- (Per Year)

Programme Educational Objectives:

  1. An Understanding of Business Functions
  2. Developing Critical and Analytical Thinking Abilities
  3. Interpersonal Skill Development
  4. Creating Social Sensitivity and Understanding CSR, Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices Demonstrate sensitivity to social, ethical and sustainability issues
  5. Developing Entrepreneurship Acumen

Program Outcomes (PO’s):

  1. Graduates will communicate effectively in a business context using technology appropriately. Learning objectives include the ability to:
  2. Convey information clearly and logically in written form.
  3. Prepare and deliver professional oral presentation.
  4. Demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills in a team setting.
  5. Graduates will comprehend, analyze, and critically evaluate complex and unstructured qualitative and quantitative business problems, using appropriate tools and technology. Learning objectives include the ability to:
  6. Use appropriate analytical tools to comprehend, analyze, and critically evaluate complex and unstructured qualitative and quantitative business problems.
  7. Formulate alternative solutions.
  8. Evaluate options, their implications, and propose solutions, using appropriate tools and technology.
  9. Graduates will demonstrate ethical, sustainable, cultural, and global consciousness. Learning objectives include the ability to:
  10. Recognize the importance of ethical business practices.
  11. Interpret the business implications of sustainability, cultural and global issues that arise in business.
  12. Comprehend the challenges and opportunities of leading and working in inclusive and diverse teams and environments.

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee University Examination Fee
Rs. 30,000/- (Per Year)  Rs. 1,000/- (Per Semester)
Admission Registration Fee (One Time) Rs. 1,000/-
Clinical Posting/Field Work/Industrial Training Additional if Required
Degree/Migration/Character/Convocation Charges/Alumni Charges Additional*
* Shall be charged along with the final Semester/Year fee


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